Christmas preparations

Few days left to the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas of course. Presents, good mood, nice memories and unforgettable moments with your loved ones… probably you are looking forward it, either.

Now is the time to take a rest from our hectic daily life and to enjoy the preparations regarding the upcoming holidays. There is nothing more priceless, than the moments shared with our loved ones and the Christmas activities, such as decorating our home, wrapping the presents or eating sweet cookies made with love.

If you have not bring the Christmas spirit at home yet, then VIA Park is here to help. It will inspire you and assist you on choosing everything you need to buy, only on a step distance.

Let’s get started with the magnificent Christmas’ decoration. If you still miss the last touches which you can fully feel the magical mood with, then KiK and Pepco are here to help.

In KiK you can find variety of colors and interior suggestions for any home. You can also treat yourself, or buy a present for a loved one of their fashion offers, or to make happy your significant other by buying him a warm sweater. Here you can find diversity of offers, in order to make happy your kids for Christmas.

If KiK’s offers haven’t been enough for you, then stop by Pepco. Here you can find everything you needed for your home and Christmas table.

Now, when you already bring the Christmas spirit at home, it is time to choose the perfect present for your loved ones.

Our other stores are also available, where you can find little things for everyone. Sport Depot, MatStar, Sinsay, Lilly Drogerie, SOpharmacy and Booktrading are expecting you with incredible Christmas offers.

During this holidays, make happy your pets by buying them delicious present from Zoomania.

In order to have a full table on Christmas Eve, do not forget to stop by BILLA Bulgaria.

Now, you are on a step distance from the Christmas preparations. Enjoy them with your loved ones and together make nice memories.

VIA Park wishes you a lot of wonderful moments and endless happiness.

VIA Park

Dear customers,

In connection with Order RD-01-856 / 19.10.2021 of the Ministry of Health, the following retail stores require a green certificate upon entry – KiK, Pepco, Sport Depot, and Sinsay.

For your convenience and comfort, VIA Park provides you with a mobile station for rapid antigen tests (SARS-CoV 2 Ag). If the result is negative, you will be issued a green certificate valid for up to 48 hours within a few minutes.

The health of our employees and customers is important to us. For this reason, our mobile laboratory will be at your disposal every day from 09:00 to 18:00.

Buy everything you need for you and your home from VIA Park, just a step away.

We are expecting you!

Except for a palette of colors and autumn mood, November brings a lot of discounts. Did you take advantage of Black Friday at VIA Park?

If you haven’t yet, here you can find irresistible season offers of your favorite brands.

Sport Depot welcomes you with up to 50% discounts on every product. Hurry up and take the most suitable sports outfit for you and your family.

MatStar gives you an opportunity to step boldly with their comfortable shoes. Here you can find up to a 30% discount on the new collection.

You can find stylish and fashionable offers, for you and your family only in the Sinsay store with up to a 40% discount on selected products.

If you seek inspiration for a decoration, PEPCO is the place. In their new catalog you can find everything you need to bring the Christmas spirit at home.

In KIK you could find a variety of fashionable products with good quality at reasonable prices. Their assortiment of covers different season decorations as well as household appliances, toys, cosmetics, accessories, all about your pet and much more.

BILLA offers never stop pouring. Take use of up to 50% discount of limited products from their Black Week catalogue.

In Lilly Drogerie you can expect the “Black november mission”. Take use of up to 40% discount on selected products.

In SoPharmacy you are able to find “Super week” with a discount of more than 120 products.

All you need is a step away. Take use of the Black Friday in VIA Park and buy everything at reasonable prices.

Italian temptations

Every cuisine hide behind it centuries of history and a lot of recipes. In VIA Park you are able to taste the PizzAmerigo’s Italian temptations which will immersed you in the country of Renaissance and satisfy all of your senses.

The small boutique pizzeria combines the spirit and authenticity of Italian pizza as it came out of the bakery of Naples’ chief during the 18-th century.

PizzAmerigo is a fancy place which will immersed you to ancient Italy. The choice of Italian temptations is enormous – pizza Margherita, Capricciosa, Quattro Formaggi, Marinara, Prosciutto Crudo and many, many more.

Enjoy the atmosphere and the unique experience with your family and friends.

The culinary lovers can bring the Italian atmosphere at home. In BILLA you can find a variety of products to cook your favorite pizza, to you or your family.

To make your choice much easier, we offer you a very quick recipe to satisfy your senses.

For the dough you will need the following products – 1/2 kg of flour; May 10; 2 tsp salt; 2 tbsp. milk; 1 piece. yolk; 2 tbsp. olive oil and 250 ml. water. For the unique sauce you will only need peeled tomatoes, combined with aromatic spices such as basil, oregano, black pepper and, of course, salt to taste. Garnish your delicious pizza with mozzarella, fresh mushrooms and meat of your choice.

“Quickly, easily and tasty” – don’t you think?

VIA Park has everything you need on a step distance. Take a deep breath and enjoy the time spent with your family and friends.

Men’s style inspiration

It is a fact that the women’s favorite hobby is to go shopping and buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics and all needed for the perfect outfit, suitable for every occasion. Now it is time to inspire the male audience by giving them some fashion suggestions because we know that they also pay attention to their appearance.

Sport it is an inseparable part of men’s activity, where the outfit is essential. Trust on Sport Depot for your perfect sporty look. Their professional team will assist you on choosing the right sport outfit, sneakers, equipment and all you need, tailored to you. Your favorite brands are expecting you with a lot of discount, which should not be missed.

Inspiration for your daily outfit could be chosen in Sinsay store. Their fashion offers are up to date for every season and anyone could find the perfect combination, suitable for every occasion.

The comfort at home is also important. That is why you need soft and comfortable clothes. PEPCO store is the right one for that. Here you could find a variety of fashion products, which you can enjoy the family time with.

Stylish, comfortable and on a reasonable price – those are the shoes from MatStar. Make bravely steps with their offers, suitable for every season and occasion.

Speaking of fashion offers, we should not forget ourselves. Take care of your health and beauty with Lilly Drogerie and SOpharmacy products.

VIA Park knows how much you appreciate your comfort while shopping. The retail park has 250+ parking spaces, where you could leave your car to buy everything you need for you and your family.

So, we hope we have been useful and have been succeeded to inspire even a small part of male audience.

Everything for your child

The children are all that we bravely dream and yearn for. They are the sparkle that ignites the fire within us for happy life, fulfilled with a lot of kids’ laugh, fun and games.

VIA Park is the place where you could find everything for your kid, like a lot of fun and fashion inspirations.

It would be a pleasure for PEPCO to dress your little human in a remarkable outfit in the colors of the current season.

When speaking of active life, the children definitely take the first place. In order to guarantee them maximum comfort, while moving, you could trust on MatStar shoes suited for every play.

An iconic and magical place, which will turn every celebration of your kid into an endless fairytale. Find the party hotspot – Candy House. Celebrate your birth and name days, as well as many other occasions and make a remarkable memory in the sweetest of every house.

We are aware of how important is sport for your children and also to enrich their physical culture. No doubt, the comfortable sport outfit has a key role in different activities and Sport Depot offers a variety of products suitable for every sport.

If you want to see your child, as it is come out of a cover magazine, then definitely you should dress him/her in Sinsay. They always have the most fashionable tendencies.

Take your little human to a magical world by reading a remarkable bedtime story with books from Booktrading.

One of the favorite activities of the children is eating pizza. Fortunately, we took care of it, in order to put a smile on your kid’s face. PizzAmerigo offers a diversity of delicious pizza to make happy all children that come in.

Because we know that every parent has the goal to give the best for their children, in order to grow up carelessly, surround by love, we offer the best tenant mix, which is on a one step distance.

We are expecting you!

Inspirations for every season

Every season brings with it new opportunities and experiences and VIA Park is the place in which you could get inspired about the new ideas and many offers.

In the next few lines we are going to suggest you few ideas, that will make every part of the year more unforgettable and colorful.

  • Cleaning

Refreshing the home promises good mood. All you need about the cleaning, you could find in in our stores – BILLA Bulgaria and Lilly Drogerie. То arrange your stuff is also good start for every new season. Change the furniture’s places or renew the decoration, in order to feel a positive change, combined with a lot of comfort.

  • Changing the interior

Your home is your kingdom and because of so, it deserves new decoration to makes it more beautiful. Magnificent home offers and accessories you could find in PEPCO store. Do not miss them.

  • Buying new clothes

Every season gives the opportunity to change your outfit and style itself. Come to our stores and pamper yourself with their new offers on a reasonable price.

  • Table decoration

Every occasion gives the opportunity to get together with your family and friends on a dinner. That is why you should pay attention to the small details. Except the tasty food, you should keep in mind the table decoration. Take a look at our stores, which offers everything needed – from food to decoration.

Well, we hope our ideas have been useful to you. VIA Park brings everything needed to one place.


Everything for your pet

Pets are those creatures that embrace us with unconditional love and whose look propitiates us every time we see them. They are our life companions, that make us truly happy, take out the best of us and are always there when we need support.

It is not a secret, for anyone, that their love passes throughout the stomach, that is why VIA Park offers you a place, which includes diversity of food, accessories, hygiene products, as well as all you need for looking after your pet. All this, combined with a lot of services, you can find in our specialty store – Zoomania.

Their team includes many professionals, which will pay attention to you and your pet. They will assist you on choosing food and specialties, compliant with its individual needs.

If your pet already has favorite food, you will find it in BILLA store, which is only one step across Zoomania. Find out their week offers in the catalogue with promotional prices.

In the assortment of Zoomania you will be able to find variety of accessories, which you could please your pet with.

The hygiene of your pet is extremely important. Trust on their specialty team, that will assist you on choosing the right products.

If you have not taken the first step yet – now would be the moment.

Golden fish, hamster, parrot, guinea pig or something else? There are a lot of opportunities, but only one place – Zoomania in VIA Park.

Don’t overthink it and choose the pet, hat will fit ideally in your family and bring a lot of happiness in your home.

VIA Park – Location with history

VIA Park is not just a retail park it is a location with history. What do we mean? You are going to find out in the lines below.

VIA Park combines the good location and the best tenant mix in the area, where you could buy everything for you and your family from on a step distance. You could find it between the main boulevards Alexander Stamboliiski and Komatevo road, in the emblematic Plovdiv’s neighborhood – Kyuchuk Paris.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world with incredible perennial history, which still keeps the spirit and cultural heritage from the past. The seventh hills, the Tobacco factory, the Rome stadium, the Ancient theater, the Old town… the historical and cultural landmark’s list is huge. By keeping its history and spirit, Plovdiv is now a favorite city of many people.

The memory about the different eras and stages of its development, are still wandering on any small street and any neighborhood. This, for instance, is Kyuchuk Paris, a.k.a. The little Paris. Green gardens, railway, small houses… this is how it looked the famous neighborhood till the beginning of 20-th century. Soaked with a great history it is saved the spirit from the past with the street and boulevards’ names, which were named after famous poets and revolutionaries.

Not that far from VIA Park you could find the Aqueduct of Philippopolis. You might be wondering what that is? During the 2-3 century has been very difficult to transfer the clear water to the cities. However, the Romans found a way to solve that problem by building the most spectacular facility in the history – the Aqueducts. They are found in few European cities, because it has been very expensive and difficult to build such a thing. Its remains can only prove the importance of Plovdiv during the ancient times.

The seventh hills’ city has great history, which turned it one of the magnificent and most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. Feel its magic by walking the street, which are saved the spirit and cultural heritage.

Sport is health

It may sounds cliché, but sport is health and that’s a fact! If you are wondering when is the best time to exercise, it is every day.

It is the thing that builds a strong character, indomitable will and a healthy body. Also, sport is a reflection of the way of thinking and living.

And because physical health is important, here are some reasons why regular exercise is essential.

  • Supports and strengthens muscles.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Overcomes insomnia.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Improves digestion and reproductive health.

Start improving your body today, and be the best version of yourself by trusting VIA Park for everything you need.

Always look fit and feel good in any outfit from the Pepco store. Here you will find the most comfortable clothes for you and your family.

Be in the most appropriate sportswear during training. Check for regular mega offers at the SportDepot store.

Whether you work out in the gym or play sports outdoors, always step boldly and confidently with the new models of sneakers from MatStar.

Get the necessary healthy fruits and vegetables from BILLA fresh stand.

To support a good mood and a sense of completeness, trust Lilliy Drogerie. Here you can choose from a variety of products to ensure your health and beauty.

As healthy as it is to train our body, it is just as important to train our mind. To do so, stop by Booktrading and immerse yourself in the magic of books.

Like anything else, our body wears out and needs depreciation. Take care of your body with the best products you can find in SOpharmacy.

From VIA Park strongly believe that sport is health, so we wish you more time for sports and improving personal records.