Take a walk with VIA Park

Take a breath of fresh air on a walk with VIA Park and relax after a long and busy week.

We will offer you several interesting places near Plovdiv, where you can relax and forget about the hectic everyday life.

The first location we recommend you to visit is one of the most remarkable fortresses in Bulgaria – Assen’s Fortress. It is located about 23 km away from VIA Park. The fortress has existed since the time of the Thracians and contains a lot of history and legends. It creates in itself a feeling of times long gone. Here you will get an idea of ​​the medieval fortifications. In the vicinity you will find many chapels and designated recreation areas.

Walking along the remains of the Roman road from Asenovgrad, you will reach the Bachkovo Monastery, which is surrounded by the picturesque hills of the Rhodopes.

This experience will recharge you with energy and new strength for the upcoming work week.

The temperatures outside are gradually decreasing with each passing day. You are also expected to enjoy a snow picture soon

For lovers of the white fairy tale we offer a location that is approximately 20 km from VIA Park – Zdravets hut. Here you will enjoy a walk at the foot of the Rhodopes, dotted with coniferous forests and vast meadows.

The convenient location of VIA Park allows you to combine the pleasant with the useful. Whether coming back or going from us you can buy everything you need. To relax and walk among the nature, you don’t need a lot of expenses and time for traveling.

There are many locations around Plovdiv that you are able to visit. Apart from the ones listed by us, there are others – Kuklenski Monastery, Manchova Polyana, the ski slope “Byala Cherkva”, Markovo and the surrounding area, the village of Oreshets and many others.

Save time and take advantage of sunny weekends!

Take a weekend break in these unique places and take a break from the hectic daily routine.

Don’t worry about the dinner! On your way back you will find with us everything you need, because we think about your convenience and comfort.

We are expecting you!

Eastern Spirit

It’s time to transform your home in the spirit of Easter! This is the holiday that brings with it spring and hope for more sun and light. We share it with our loved ones and each family traditionally celebrates the day with a festive table and colorful eggs.

Transform your home in the spirit of Easter and welcome the holiday with joy!

To turn on your spring mood, we offer you a few steps to create an Easter atmosphere at home.

  • Allow light and sunlight to enter your home: more sun = more happiness.
  • Free your home of unnecessary and old items.
  • Arrange with fresh flowers or decorative ones.
  • Stick to natural materials such as wood, stone, cotton, straw.
  • Pay attention to small details such as artificial eggs arranged in baskets and ceramic bunnies and chicks.
  • Prepare the table with cloth napkins in spring colors and set the center of the table with flowers and a basket of eggs.
  • The most excited about the holiday is always the children – surprise them with small symbolic gifts such as baskets full of treats.

Unleash your imagination for the upcoming holiday and surprise your loved ones in the spirit of. In VIA Park you can buy everything you need for this purpose.

The Pepco store has prepared a whole spring collection suitable for Easter and the upcoming holidays.

MatStar and Sport Depot stores offer a variety of spring gift ideas – shoes, clothes, and accessories for the whole family.

For the festive Easter table, you can trust the fresh products in the BILLA store.

Other necessary goods for your home or yourself, choose from a variety of products in the LillyDrogerie store.

And if you get hungry while shopping, stop by PizzAmerigo. Fresh and irresistible temptations await you there.

And since these are, after all, weekends, choose an interesting read from Booktrading and take a break.

Last but not least, take care of your health and that of your loved ones. SOpharmacy pharmacies remain your faithful helpers.

The team at VIA Park congratulates you on the publishing Resurrection of Christ, wishing you health and unforgettable moments spent with your loved ones!

A breath of fresh air

It’s time to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the sunny days. A break at the opening would be the most pleasant solution for shared moments with the family.

How about a picnic in nature? Fresh air, greenery, birdsongs, and enough space for your children to play at will. We remind you to prepare a basket with delicious and fresh food from the BILLA store, something refreshing to drink, and don’t miss the dessert.

An optimist would take a book with him. If you are one of these people, welcome to Booktrading store. The variety of books is great!

You can also grab a hot pizza on the go from PizzAmerigo. Your children will also be happy with the choice, for sure.

If you are one of the people who prefer active recreation, then equip yourself for mountain walks. The mountain is most favorable to the well-prepared. The Sport Depot store has a huge variety of goods both for hiking and for less strenuous outdoor walks.

Maybe the mountain is not your place to rest, but some remote town unknown to you in Bulgaria? Comfortable shoes and accessories for city walks can be found in the MatStar store. The models are made in Bulgaria and have collections for both women and men and children.

On the road, never forget to take care of the health of you and your family, as well as to protect yourself from the sun. Everything you need for this purpose you will find in the pharmacy SOpharmacy and LillyDrogerie.

VIA Park is your last stop on the way out of the city and has a parking lot with 250+ places. Take a breath of fresh air and buy everything quickly, easily and at good prices.

We are expecting you!

The most expensive gift

This Christmas, the most expensive gift you can give your loved ones happy is yourself. The year was full of many emotions and taught us self-knowledge, adaptation and appreciation of the little things in life. Enjoy the moments spent together!

After each passing year it becomes more and more difficult to choose the perfect gift to make your loved ones happy. In the following lines we will give you some ideas to help you choose.

The favorite perfume for him or her is one of the most banal gifts, but it is always an option. You can combine it with something sentimental and so your surprise will be more special. Take out your favorite memories in photos and arrange them chronologically on a sheet or in a frame. Make a card and write a sincere Christmas message. In this way you will definitely reach the hearts of your loved ones.

Every woman would always enjoy a new bag or pair of shoes. They are never superfluous in the ladies’ wardrobe. Served with a box of nice candies, your gift will be complete.

If you have sports fans among your family and friends, think about what they need. Is it a new team, sneakers or a ball? Just the fact that you remembered is a priceless gift.

We are strewn with gift ideas everywhere, but who is the right one? We are almost never sure of this decision. But there is nothing more precious than a gift chosen and prepared with love.

And don’t forget that the most valuable thing this year is to spend more time with your loved ones!

Christmas moments

It is coming one of the most wonderful days of the year. It is time for smiles, relax and happy Christmas moments with the family. Get in charge with nice mood and feel the magic.

VIA Park will give you some ideas on how to feel inspired and take the Christmas spirit at your home.

Start with the Christmas decoration!

In these old and gloomy days there is nothing more joyful than to stay at home. Play some Christmas songs, decorate the tree, the lights and everything that you need to transform your home into a Christmas fairytale.

You can even light up scented candle which will create comfier and warmer mood in your home.

After you have decorated your house and have created the Christmas spirit you can go ahead and bake some delicious cookies. Use your imagination and create a nice chaos in the kitchen. Use Christmas mold tray to feel the magic even more.

It is time to sit in front of the TV, because there is nothing better than a nice family movie night! Get yourself some nice drink which will complete the cookies taste and relax on the sofa.

There are just a few days left to the holiday and they play Christmas movies all day. Choose the right one and enjoy it with your loved ones!

Did you feel the Christmas spirit?

Unleash your imagination and escape from your daily routine by doing something different. Enjoy the Christmas moments and spend time with your loved ones!

School shopping

The long waited first day of school has come. Did you go already on school shopping? Some of you have gone through this road many times, some have yet to collide with this experience.

In VIA Park you can buy everything that you and your family needs. Satisfied customers have always been our priority and we want to ease the whole process for school shopping. We will share with you couple of easy steps on how you can manage your shopping for you and your kids.

School supplies are the first and most important preparation for the first day of school. In Pepco you can find everything necessary from notebooks, pens and pencils to the smallest details.

For book lovers in Booktrading you have great choice of any literature and you can find many textbooks, which can help for your kid’s lessons. We have also a plenty of school supplies and school bags.

So far you have made the first step and the hardest part of school shopping.

It comes time for the clothing of your kids. The autumn slowly comes and we must put on warmer clothes and shoes.

In Matstar you can find many shoe models for every season. The new collection is already in the stores. You can find many accessories and women bags to pamper yourself.

Sport depot is also at your disposal. If you child does sports or just needs sport clothes, this is the place! It has a Great choice of worldwide shoe brands as well.

If you got tired from all of this shopping we offer you to relax and try our Italian pizza in PizzAmerigo.

You love to cook? In BILLA you can find fresh products and everything else to set a lovely dinner for your family and make them happy.

In Lilly and SOpharmacy you can find everything for your health, decorative and light cosmetics, BIO products and lots more. In Zoomania you have a plenty of products and toys for your pet raising.

With just a couple of easy steps in VIA Park you can find and buy everything that you need. Have fun while shopping with your family and make this moment special.

We are waiting you!

VIA Park – Make the right decision!

Via Park is your sip of fresh air! Make the right decision with us and buy everything that you desire. We offer you a combination between great location, open space and the best brands in one place.  

With us you can find retail chains like: Billa, Pepco, Sport Depot, Lilly, Zoomania, Matstar, Sopharmacy, PizzaAmerigo, Booktrading.

It is high time to enjoy the moment with us while you are sharing it with your family and friends. We offer you to combine the useful with the pleasant. VIA park provides you with colorful and exciting goods, which are all at one place to save your time. With ease you can find everything necessary for you and your family on profitable prices.  

At the same time, we totally understand how annoying is to search for a place to park your car. This is the reason why VIA Park has over 250 zones for parking which are free or charge for the first half and hour of your staying.

Buy everything with VIA Park! Our mission is to ensure your wonderful experience with us and after that to go home with a big smile on your face.

We are waiting you!

The summer is undeniably the most favourite season. Life then seems to flow more slowly and carefree, previous memories of summer revolve in our minds and of course, this makes us make plans for new ones.

Naturally, the plans and good emotions go hand in hand with summer shopping, and the shopping with the summer discounts from our tenants.

If you are wondering where to find the trend collections for 2020, the doors of VIA Park are widely open for you. We are eager to prove that you can buy all with us.

Leave colored traces in the sand with a partial seasonal reduction of Mat Star, with up to -70% on selected items marked with a PROMO sticker. View all offers here.

Sport Depot also awaits you with attractive discounts for the summer, namely discounts on swimsuits, flip-flops, towels, bags and other accessories necessary for the beach. Offers for sports, tourism and leisure are also a fact!

In August, SOpharmacy has selected for you over 1400 products with up to 30% discount, in the categories of seasonal offers, medicines, healthy living, face and body, hygiene, mom and baby. More information can be found here.

The Lilly drogerie catalog offers hot summer discounts on shower gels, hair sprays and dyes, shampoos, mascaras, deo sprays, foundations, shadows, lipsticks and much more. See the entire catalog here.

Booktrading has thought about what to fill your free time with – here you will find attractive offers to dive into in the summer.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the students – you can find everything you need for the new school year in the Pepco brochure.

Regardless of the season, VIA Park will always be in the same place, ready to satisfy your every need. Buy all!

We are expecting you!

Sport depot in VIA Park

The newest Sport Depot store will be open for business on May 29, 2020 in Via Park – Plovdiv.

On an area of 600 sq m. you will find everything necessary for sports and free time: clothes and shoes, fitness equipment, ski and snowboard, mountain and tourist equipment, swimming, football, tennis, volleyball, etc. Newest collections of Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Jack Wolfskin, and many others are provided at a very attractive price. The store also offers а children’s section with a large selection of items. 

In addition to all this, shoppers in the store can take advantage of a customer loyalty program, which guarantees shopping at unbeatable prices on the sporting goods market in Bulgaria.

The history and traditions of Sport Depot in the city under the hills date back to 2005. On that year, in addition to being a chain of fitness equipment, Sport Depot laid its first foundations for the trade in clothing and footwear.

During this period, the company managed to establish itself as a place where there are premium sports brands for clothing and footwear. It Also builds a very good reputation and accumulates thousands of loyal customers. The constant modernization and expansion of stores in the city even impresses international guests from the sports industry SPORT2000, of which Sport Depot are part.

In parallel with its own development, Sport Depot supports a number of fitness and sports clubs, one of which is the volleyball club “Maritsa”, in order to promote the sports.

Moving forward to today, Sport Depot is the largest chain of sporting goods stores in Bulgaria – the only place where you can find a variety of sports goods for all sports.

We are expecting you!

Every good story starts up with extraordinary beginning. Knowing that, we want to share that moment with you. PizzAmerigo is a small classic pizzeria that successfully captures the Neapolitan style, atmosphere and of course, the recipe for Italian pizza. Thin base and air bubbles that complement the aromatic garnish as it was baked in Naples stone kilns in the 18th century.

For the opening of VIA Park, PizzAmerigo will offer its guests two big pizzas for 16 lev – Prosciutto fungi and Margherita:

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Pizza Margherita is certainly one of the most famous Italian temptation. A great example of the approach of the Italians in cooking – the ability to to create something truly divine with few quality ingridients.

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Prosciutto fungi is also one of the most famous pizzas in Italy.
The aroma of basil, incomparable prosciutto and melting taste of mozzarella will make every bite unforgettable.

Experience the magic of PizzAmerigo yourself – the taste of the irresistible pizza as the Italian music flows in the air, above the dim light upon your table.