Suggestions for spring from VIA Park

With the arrival of spring and rising temperatures, it is also time to change the wardrobe, and why not the home accessories too, for a more spring mood? In this article, we have selected several suggestions with which you will diversify your wardrobe this season, and why not your home too.

For the ladies

The flowers are being transferred to the clothes

Bring flowers to your clothes this spring. This season is very suitable for using floral motifs. Transform your style with the Sinsay store’s spring items. There you will find a wide range of items suitable for every season and style.

Sinsay store

 For men

Shirt season

It’s time for the sweater to take a sacred place in the wardrobe. With the onset of this transitional season, new opportunities are opening up for men as well. A large selection of men’s clothing awaits you at the Pepco store. This spring, bet on sporty-elegant shirts in earthy colors like dark green, beige, or different tones of brown.

Pepco store

For the little ones

Spring is a time for games and sports

As the weather warms up, so do the outdoor games start. Diversifying your daily routine with different sports activities is a good start for the warmer months. Give convenience and comfort to your child with Sport Depot‘s tracksuits. At the Sport Depot store, you will find a wide selection of goods such as sports kits, accessories, and shoes, in which your children will run and play freely.

Sport Depot store

For Home

Spring mood at home

Decorate your home with spring accessories from KiK and indulge in a real spring mood. Spice up your home with the wide range of homewares available in the store. Get in the mood with colorful items that will lift your spirits.

KiK store

Visit VIA Park, where enjoyment for the whole family awaits you. Have fun and enjoy the spring weather with outdoor shopping, also a variety of items for young and old, delicious food, and much more entertainment. We are expecting you!

Gifts with VIA Park

Christmas is almost here and it’s time for presents under the tree. If you still have no idea what to buy for your loved ones – VIA Park is the right place for you. Thanks to the diverse commercial mix of world-famous brands, you can find everything you need for a magical Christmas with us.

In Sinsay, a selection of items for the whole family and the home awaits you. With a variety of clothing for women, men and children, you’ll find clothing and accessories to suit every taste and style.

For stylish and beautiful home decor, visit Pepco and KiK. With their wide range of interior inspiration, clothes for young and old, as well as toys, here your choice of the right gifts will be a real pleasure.

If you need comfortable sports equipment and shoes from global brands, Sport Depot is your place. Practical models from your favorite brands are ready to turn new sporting endeavors into adventures.

When choosing shoes for the winter shoes or sports models, consult the representatives of the Mat Star store. Various models of the Bulgarian brand await you there, as well as shoe accessories and materials for their maintenance.

Wondering which book to start in the new 2023 year? Or do you have a loved one who is a bookworm? Visit the Booktrading bookstore, where you will find titles from a variety of genres, suitable for both children and adults.

Make your pet happy with a gift under the tree. In the Zoomania store you will find everything you need from tasty treats to toys, accessories and many other items for your furry friend.

And this is how you will quickly, easily and conveniently buy wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

Visit VIA Park and indulge in a pleasant shopping experience. Find the right gifts for your loved ones and turn the Christmas emotion into happy memories.

Start the new school year with VIA Park

Summer is gone, autumn is coming… and the new school year begins. September is an exciting month not only for students, but also for their parents. At VIA Park, we make shopping for the new school year fun for the whole family. Here you will find everything you need for a great start of the school year.

Good preparation comes with good study aids. Visit Booktrading for a large selection of textbooks that will help your child’s lessons, there is also a wide selection of all kinds of literature. You may also find interesting notebooks and school supplies.

At Sinsay, great offers are waiting for you such as clothes, accessories, and many other items from their school collection, with which you will embark on colorful adventures.

The KiK store is also at your disposal, the shelves of which are stocked with all the necessary items for your little ones. Here you will find colorful notebooks, pencils, pens, pencil cases and all other accessories at low prices.

Pepco continues to delight the whole family this season as well, with a variety of clothing and accessories suitable for a strong start of the school year. Also, you can check out the new offers on homewares.

Physical education is the favorite subject of the most students in school. Appropriate gear is key to student’s comfort. At VIA Park, you will find everything you need for any sports activity.

At Sport Depot you can discover comfortable and high-quality sports equipments, shoes and backpacks, both for children and adults, of world-famous brands, that are gathered in one place.

Comfortable sports shoes are a must to complete the sporty look. MatStar offers an abundance of sneakers, with which every step is a pleasure, and are also at low prices.

Make shopping fun for the whole family. Come to VIA Park to discover the great offers gathered in one place. This will save you time, which you can devote to a final rest before the first day of school.

We are expecting you!

Spring preparation

Spring is the most colorful and beautiful season of the year. It brings with it a more positive mood and long sunny days.

Well, spring is on the doorstep, and VIA Park is the place to be inspired by many fashion ideas and interior solutions. In the next few lines, we will share how to prepare for the colorful and beautiful season.

  • Interior

Refreshing the home brings the promise of freshness and more comfort, and the interior is the finishing touch to invite spring home.

KiK store awaits you with a wide selection of interior solutions to bring more mood and color to each room. The store offers a wide range of items suitable for any home.

You can also find more inspiration for your interior in the PEPCO store. It awaits you with irresistible spring offers and a variety of decorations.

If the range of KiK and PEPCO items was not enough for you, you can also stop by Sinsay. Ir is waiting for you with its new home collection, with which you can invite the spring.

  • Wardrobe renovation

Each season gives the opportunity to refresh the wardrobe with new and stylish looks that will keep you noticed. Spring is the time of year when everything wakes up and starts living again. That is why now is the best time to update your wardrobe and keep up with the new season’s trends.

KiK awaits you with a variety of fashion goods for the whole family, with the best quality at reasonable prices.

Don’t forget to visit Sinsay. In it, you will find irresistible fashion for both young and old.

The PEPCO store is also at your disposal. In their current brochure, you will find a fresh offer for your spring outfit.

Sports fans can also visit Sport Depot, where they will find offers from the new collections of favorite brands.

To complete your look for spring, you need stylish and comfortable shoes. Go bold with MatStar’s offerings for every occasion.

At your disposal are our other stores where you can find something for everyone in the family: Lilly Drogerie, SOpharmacy, Booktrading, and Zoomania.

Well, you are ready to take the first step towards welcoming the colorful and full of mood season of the year. Refresh your home and enjoy shopping, and you will feel like spring has already come.

We are expecting you!

Christmas preparations

There are a few days left until the most magical time of the year – Christmas. Gifts, good mood, good memories, and unforgettable moments spent with your loved ones – you probably can’t wait.

Now is the time to take a breath of fresh air from our busy daily lives and enjoy the preparations for the upcoming holidays. There is nothing more precious than the shared moments with our loved ones and fun Christmas activities such as decorating the home, wrapping gifts, or eating delicious fragrant cookies prepared with love.

If you have not yet created a fabulous Christmas mood in your home, then VIA Park is your faithful assistant who will inspire and help you choose to buy everything you need just a step away.

Let’s start with some fabulous Christmas decorations. If you still lack the finishing touches to create a magical mood at home, then KiK and PEPCO are at your disposal.

At KiK, you will find a variety of colors and interior solutions for every home. You can also pamper yourself or buy a gift for a loved one from their fashion offers for the season or delight your loved one with a warm sweater from their collection for him. Here you will find a variety of suggestions to make your kids happy on Christmas Day.

If KiK‘s Christmas offers were not enough for you, you could stop by PEPCO. Here you will find everything you need for your home and table for the holidays.

Once you have created a fabulous Christmas mood in your home, it’s time to think about the perfect gift for your loved ones.

At your disposal are our other stores, where you will find something for everyone. Sport Depot, MatStar, Sinsay, Lilly Drogerie, SOpharmacy, and Booktrading are waiting for you with great Christmas offers.

Make your favorite pets happy during the holidays with a delicious gift from Zoomania.

In order for your table to be plentiful on Christmas Eve, don’t forget to stop by BILLA Bulgaria.

You are now just a step away from Christmas preparations. Enjoy them with your loved ones and create precious memories together.

VIA Park wishes you many magical moments and unceasing joy!

VIA Park

Dear customers,

In connection with Order RD-01-856 / 19.10.2021 of the Ministry of Health, the following retail stores require a green certificate upon entry – KiK, Pepco, Sport Depot, and Sinsay.

For your convenience and comfort, VIA Park provides you with a mobile station for rapid antigen tests (SARS-CoV 2 Ag). If the result is negative, you will be issued a green certificate valid for up to 48 hours within a few minutes.

The health of our employees and customers is important to us. For this reason, our mobile laboratory will be at your disposal every day from 09:00 to 18:00.

Buy everything you need for you and your home from VIA Park, just a step away.

We are expecting you!

In addition to a palette of colors and autumn mood, November brings many discounts. And did you take advantage of Black Friday at VIA Park?

If you did not, you could find irresistible seasonal offers from your favorite brands with us.

Sport Depot awaits you with a discount of up to -50% on everything. Hurry up and grab the most suitable sportswear for you and your family.

Make bold steps with comfortable shoes for every occasion from MatStar. They can offer you a discount of up to -30% on their new collection.

You will find stylish fashion offers for you and your family in the Sinsay store with up to -40% off on selected products.

If you need inspiration for decorations, PEPCO is your place. In their new brochure, you will find everything you need to bring the Christmas mood into your home.

In KiK, you will find a variety of fashion goods of the best quality at reasonable prices. Their range also includes a variety of decorations for the season, household items, toys, cosmetics, accessories, everything for your pet, and much more.

BILLA‘s offers do not stop raining. You can take advantage of up to a 50% discount on limited edition products from their Black Week catalog.

In Lilly Drogerie, you can expect Black November Mission – discounts up to -40% on selected products and many flowers.

In SoPharmacy, you will find Super Week, with discounts on over 120 products.

Everything you need for your needs is just a step away. Take advantage of Black Friday at VIA Park and buy everything at bargain prices.

We are expecting you!

Italian temptations

Every cuisine hides behind its centuries of history and a lot of recipes. In VIA Park, you can taste  PizzAmerigo’s Italian temptations which will immerse you in the country of Renaissance and satisfy all of your senses.

The small boutique pizzeria combines the spirit and authenticity of Italian pizza that came out of the bakery of Naples’ chief during the 18th century.

PizzAmerigo is a fancy restaurant that will immerse you in ancient Italy. The choice of Italian temptations is enormous – pizza Margherita, Capricciosa, Quattro Formaggi, Marinara, Prosciutto Crudo and many, many more.

Enjoy the atmosphere and the unique experience with your family and friends.

The culinary lovers can bring the Italian atmosphere home. In BILLA, you can find various products. With them, you can cook your favorite pizza for yourself or your whole family.

Because we want to make your choice even easier, we offer you a quick recipe to satisfy your senses.

For the dough, you will need the following products:

– 1/2 kg of flour; 

– 10 g of yeast; 

– 2 tsp salt; 

– 2 tbsp. milk; 

– 1 yolk; 

– 2 tbsp. olive oil

– 250 ml. water

For the unique sauce, you will only need peeled tomatoes combined with aromatic spices such as basil, oregano, black pepper, and, of course, salt to taste. Garnish your delicious pizza with mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, and meat of your choice.

“Quick, easy and tasty” – don’t you agree?

VIA Park has everything you need at a step distance. Take a deep breath and enjoy the time spent with your family and friends.

Men’s style inspiration

It is a fact that the women’s favorite hobby is to go shopping and buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and all needed for the perfect outfit, suitable for every occasion. Now it is time to inspire the male audience by giving them some fashion suggestions because we know that they also pay attention to their appearance.

Sport is an inseparable part of men’s activity, where the outfit is essential. Trust Sport Depot for your perfect sporty look. Their professional team will assist you in choosing the right sports outfit, sneakers, equipment, and all you need, tailored to you. Your favorite brands are expecting you with discounts that should not be missed.

You can find inspiration for your daily outfit from Sinsay. Their fashion offers are up to date for every season, and anyone could find the perfect combination suitable for every occasion.

The comfort at home is also essential. That is why you need soft and comfortable clothes. PEPCO store is the right one for that. Here you could find various fashion products, with which you can enjoy family time.

Stylish, comfortable, and at a reasonable price – those are the shoes from MatStar. Make brave steps with their offers, suitable for every season and occasion.

Speaking of fashion offers, we should not forget ourselves. Take care of your health and beauty with Lilly Drogerie and SOpharmacy products.

VIA Park knows how much you appreciate your comfort while shopping. The retail park has 250+ parking spaces, where you could park your car to buy everything you need for yourself and your family.

So, we hope we have been useful and inspired even a small part of the male audience.

Everything for your child

Children are all that we bravely dream and yearn for. They are the sparkle that ignites the fire within us for a happy life, fulfilled with kids’ laughs, fun, and games.

VIA Park is the place where you can find everything for your kid, such as lots of fun and fashion inspirations.

It would be a pleasure for PEPCO to dress your little human in an outstanding outfit in the current season’s colors.

When speaking of active life, children definitely take the first place. In order to guarantee maximum comfort while moving, you can trust on MatStar shoes which are suitable for every game.

There is also an iconic and magical place that will turn every celebration of your kid into an endless fairytale. The name of the party hotspot is Candy House. Celebrate your birth and name days, as well as many other occasions, and make a remarkable memory in the sweetest of every house.

We know how important sport is for your children and, also, it enriches their physical culture. Without a doubt, the comfortable sports outfit has an essential role in different activities, and Sport Depot offers a variety of products suitable for every sport.

If you want to see your child as a model for a cover magazine, definitely dress him/her in Sinsay clothes. They always have the most fashionable wear.

Take your little human on a magical journey around the world reading. There are many remarkable bedtime stories hidden within the books from Booktrading.

One of the children’s favorite meals is pizza. Fortunately, we took care of it, in order to put a smile on your kid’s face. PizzAmerigo offers a diversity of delicious pizzas to make happy all children that come in.

Because we know that every parent aims to give the best for their children, in order for them to grow up carelessly, surrounded by love, we offer the best tenant mix, which is within a one-step distance.

We are expecting you!