Zoomania Megastor offers pet lovers everything they need for the examination and care of their pets.

Specialize in Zoomania, you can choose to choose exactly what you need to love.

Foods, specialties, accessories or products for maintenance and hygiene with carefully selected and recommended should be needed by all pets.

Look for pets, the shops do not have a special space where you can avoid the perfect pet of a variety of species.

A dog or cat, a bird or ornamental fish, a guinea pig, reptiles, hamsters, parrots or other exotic birds must change someone’s life, to color it in bright flowers regardless of its need.

Generous performance and retail space can present a unique variety in this possession and an efficient flow of customers.

Our team of remote professionals offers high quality customer service. We offer the best prices in every product category from economic to super premium.

If you buy products for at least BGN 100, leave a card for BGN 10.

In addition, if you buy foreign dog food from the brands Belcando, Nutraline and Dog Concept, you get 10% of the income.

Our policy is to always have the lowest prices!


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